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About me

Hi all 

I am Giri Prasad, founder of, I am a Professional blogger from Andhra Pradesh, India. Also I am 23 age, Stock Investor, Entrepreneur, In my free time,I will be reading the stock-market related news and personal finance books.

The main aim of this blog is to share knowledge about Stock Market for beginner, I quit writing articles in blog since 1 year, it's not a break, its refreshing my mind, knowing new things, or expand creativity, now the time came to again start sharing my knowledge in stock market to beginners throughout this blog....Present I am writing blog posts regularly and working on some other blogs. 

My Story

I  studied MBA (finance) in JNTUA ,I am Very much enthusiastic in investing in the market,and I Started learning about stock market, mutual funds at the age of 20, at the time, i don't have a minimal knowledge about the Market, and started in a Zero level stage, I struggled more, Every day i took a time for myself to learn how to invest in stock market,by digging deep i founded the amazing things in it like how to be a financial independent, still i am learning new things about it, 

Most of the peoples like government employee's, software's earning a lakh of money,but they don't have any idea about how to manage the money,how to build wealth in it,so this blog is for those peoples.

Here i will cover many topics like :

  1. Stock market beginners guide
  2. Mutual Funds 
  3. National pension Schemes
  4. Stock Trading
  5. Entrepreneurship ideas 
  6. Income Tax in Stock Market
  7. Retirement Planing etc...
Thank You 

Happy Investing...........