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Friday, May 15, 2020

Best blogs for beginners??? (3rd is my favourite)


                                            Hi all today we are going to discuss about the best sites for beginners who want to start learning about stock market at basic level ( what is stock market) and one thing I am going to tell who is interested to learn about  financial market and  who want to enter into the market this blogs and sites is for you, it’s only for beginners may be some topics will cover intermediates also.

I am an investor came from the finance background when I am a beginner I saw a lot of blogs and sites daily in my days, at the time I visited some stupid sites also, after a long period I choose some sites its only helpful for beginners and intermediate, the below sites are most useful sites hope its helpful for your learning

And coming to the blog post the first site is for beginners who are not from finance background they need to learn basic levels

  1. Adigitalblogger :

Adigitalblogger is a single site for all who want to learn and understand the market and stockbroking industry in India In detail, this is a blog provides the fresh and genuine posts like

  • Complete Beginners guide.
  • stock brokers reviews.
  • Comparison between brokers.
  • Market news.
  • IPOs allotments review & news.
Review Videos support.


  1. Getmoneyrich :

Getmoneyrich is a latest financial blog which helps to  people invest independence, the founder of this blog is MANI he is coming from engineering background he is more liking in economics and finance after a lot of experience he turns into a fulltime blogger helps to invest and learn about money market, he writing articles on various topics like

  • Personal finance.
  • Money management.
  • Mutual funds.
  • Fd’s and PPF’s.
Market reviews.

He is not a financial advisor and expert in finance he is a blogger who loves studying and writing on topics money management and investment.


  1. Tradebrains :

This is a blog I learned many things about market, the founder of this blog is kritesh abhisekh he is from Pune (Maharashtra) he is 23, graduate from NIIT Warangal in electrical engineering, in his college days he most likes in finance, investing and economy concepts, he is more fascinated by finance and investment, during his college days he learned many things in finance and accountancy,

It is the latest blog and selected and listed to top 60 financial blogs in India, the main motto of this blog is invest individually. They wrote articles on various topics like

  • Complete beginners guide
  • Investment
  • Personal finance
  • Mutual funds
  • Taxation
  • Stocks

He is not a financial advisor, he is an NSE certified fundamental analyst.


  1. Moneyexcel:

Money excel is a blog owned by mr.raviraj and shitnshu,  the blog is listed as a top 30 financial blogs in India, the purpose of this blog is spread financial awareness and helps people to achieve their  financial goals, the blog help to take a good financial planning decision about their money,

It provides various blog posts like

  • Investment
  • Personal finance
  • Stocks
  • Insurance
  • Taxation
  • Real estate
  • Mutual funds etc…


  1. vijay malik :

Dr.vijay malik is a SEBI registered financial advisor, he is an active equity investor, he has done MBA in IIFT Delhi, and graduate in MBBS and he completed various financial courses in finance like CFA.FRM GARP etc… the main aim of the blog is simplifying the process of investment, and make an investment decision easily. He wrote the various article on how to analyse a company financial statements and behavioural finance,  He covers all the concepts like

  • Investment
  • Stocks
  • Stocks analysis
  • Advises

He provides premium services to their clients and conducts webinars and workshops on the stock market.


The above sites are very helpful to beginners and intermediate, check those sites and understand the market, hope its helpful to you

Happy learning!!!!!

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