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Friday, May 15, 2020

Best Books for Stock Market Investors

best investing books for stock market learners 

Hi, all the readers today I am going to tell about best books to learn stocks market, there are several resources to learn market like blogs, websites, tv, youtube, videos, and books. apart from that books is a traditional concept to learn everything in basic level, books help to learn an in-depth knowledge about any concept, when you are a beginners books helps you to learn, there are many books in the stock market, but its difficult to choose the best books so I mentioning 5 best books for stock market investing every investor should read it 

1. Intelligent Investor :

This book was written by Benjamin Graham he is a grand father of investing,this book was published in 1949 still now this book is a best seller in amazon,

graham was a twenty century value investor and mentor of warren buffet,the great investor buffet considers this is best book ever for investors,and I highly recommend this book contain a tons of important concepts to build a good foundation on investing,if you need strong foundation on stock market,then you read this book

  • this book contains a long term investmnetand value investing concepts
  • and value investing stretegy
  • how to avoid mistakes 

finally till now all the stock market investors and traders considers this book was a bible of stock market....

2. Once upon a wallstreet:

once upon a wall street was written by Peter Lynch,it released in 2000, at the time this book was a best seller of the year,Peter Lynch is an American fund manager, he have a track record his managed funds are gives a 30 returns upto 10 years,

this book also has recommended for stock market investors it explains all the concepts that beginners should know,it mentions how to pick winning stocks and strategy  and different stock categories 

3. Little Book That Beats The Market:

Joel Greemblatt was written this book, it is a shortest book in stock market learners,you can complete this book on one site,easy understand the market.

  • it explains how to pick winning stocks
  • how to analyse fundamental strong comapnies
  • investing  strategies

over all this book was nice to read and understand the market sentiments i recommned to read every stock market investor

4. The Warren Buffet Way:

finance recommend, it contains the introducing warren buffet early life and education and everything about buffet ,and it starts  first investing at the age of 11 and recommend the journey 

  • buffet investmnet style and strategies
  • the journey of buffet in stock market 
  • how he build a wealth
  • their investment procedures

finally the investment guru buffet life journey book, I strongly recommned if you want to become wealthy then read the book

5. Value Investing and Behavioural Finance :

this book was written by Parag Parikh, is an Indian author, the book educates the people and it covers all the concepts of value investing and behavioural finance

  • the book contains 12 chapters that covers all the concepts of stock market investing
  • contains behavioural abstacles
  • contrarain investing
  • understanding hebavioural traits
  • public sector units
  • Intial public offerings
  • sector investing  and Bubble trap

you read this book you can get a good knowledge about value investing and behavioural finance,if you want to learn value investing strategies then this book is for you

This book recommended by the stock brokers, portfolio managers, new investors and professors.

conclusion: the above books are strongly recommended by the various professors and stock market investors if i missed any one book please comment below  

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