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Friday, May 15, 2020

Learners follow stock market

learners follow stock market

Hi investors are you really want to learn about the stock market, then why are you late let’s do it yourself learning about the stock market is not a short-term and easy task, but I will say it’s really easy when we have a patience and hope, never give up

Ok, lets coming to the point today I would like to teach about how to follow the stock market, how to follow the stock market is really though ???

Absolutely yes and no, it totally depends on you and your enthusiasm and your capability, knowledge.

Once upon a time I was a beginner I heard the name of stock market and I decided to learn it, and I didn’t ask anyone about stock market even I didn’t ask my professors also, at the time I asked my all doubt with only one teacher or professor (imagine as u like) are you catch my above point????

Yes is absolutely Google, I strongly recommend you all peoples who  are interested to learn about the market, no one won't say you about it clearly you should analyze and learn about the stock market, better than join and pay any course about the stock market

It is an easy way to learn about the stock market, I too followed and I too learned in this way only let's discuss the best and top websites for the stock market to analyze the market movements.


Google is a mother to all sites it gives different type of answers for one question but the approach is only one for example if you entered about one thing in Google it will display the some millions of sites and answers for it, but it really hard to follow each and every site for correct information, then it ok, who are really interested to learn about market it is one step of learning.

If you want any doubts about stock market kindly go throughout Google it will give the result of it. But it’s difficult to follow every page, it depends on your patience,

When you entered the stock market in Google it displays, and remember this post I only for beginners and intermediates will be getting benefits on it,

And the professional investors or learners directly go throughout the sites and clarifies their doubts.

Another three sites are there to follow the market as follows


Money control is the best site to follow the stock market; most of the learners and professional traders also follow this money control website, its easy friendly,

This site gives all the information about the market and mutual funds and fixed deposits etc….. This is a site all the investors and traders follow. Her you can get the fundamental and technical details of the company.

It is One of the top search box, you can scroll all the pages you can easily understand and get benefits, this site as a Google app……..


 ET.MARKETS: are also same as moneycontrol it swill gives all the benefits equal to money control regarding news about companies and market corrections etc….. it shows the financial condition and technical of the companies

It is economic times market:


Yahoo is a search engine and it has a website called yahoo finance it is very user-friendly, and it is one of the oldest websites for stock market

It will give a major information about stock market news and movements etc…it is a very resource able site

There are various websites to follow the stock market but the best ones are above and mention the various site it will help you

Definitely, this sites will help you in your learning…..





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