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Friday, May 15, 2020

20 Stock Market Terminologies and terms

20 Stock Market Terminologies and terms :

hello all let the most important thing is there is a lot of terminologies in stock market which is investor and trader must and should know because there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion with the market in day to day life every investor and trader should know the market terms as follows

20 Stock Market Terminologies and Terms :


the delivery is a key term when we buy a share and hold it after one day it is called delivery it turns into holdings and it doesn't matter how long u hold whether u will sell the share after one day,  after week and one 6 months its totally your choice the thumb rule after buying the share we hold for one day it is delivery

Bull Market :

the bull market and bullish trend both are same in generally bull market defines when the market is going high in a profitable manner and the share prices of the stocks are raising the term defines when the market is high then we say its bull market

Bear Market:

the bear market and the bearish trend is both are same when the market is continuously falling down when the share prices are decreasing then its called bear market

Bid Price:

the bid price is nothing but the maximum buyers are willing to buy the shares the buyers are accepted to buy the share its bid price

Ask Price:

ask price is sellers are willing and accepted to receive to sell the shares

Bid and Ask Spread:

the difference between bid-ask the highest price of buyers willing to buy the shares and the lowest price of sellers willing to sell their shares

Limit Order:

the order placed by when you buy/sell a share price within a limit price then you place a limit order, for example, the market price of a share is 100rs then you place an order of Rs 98 the order will execute when the price falls 98rs of market price

Market order:

the market is nothing but when you buy/sell a share at market price, for example, the market price of a share is rs 200 if your willing to buy and sell a share in market price when u place an order and it will execute a market price


GTC means goods till cancellation means the investor and trader places an order at a specific price if it's not executed or active the order will cancelled

Day Order:

If you buy/sell a share on a particular day at a particular price if it doesn't activate or executed on that day it is a day order


IPO means the initial public offering when the company enters into the stock market to raise their capital they offer the share into IPO's

Primary Market:

primary market is also known as an IPO's the company enters into the directly selling the shares to the public without subsidiaries the IPO is the first time the stock of a company is offered to the public the most of the IPO's are young and smaller companies will issue the shares to raise the funds

Secondary Market:

a secondary market is a place where the buyers and sellers exchange their ownership based on company past and future

Market Capitalization:

market capitalization and market cap both are same words it refers to the total share of the company and the market value of the shares and multiples the shares value then the total market price of the share will define

Trade Volume:

the trading volume is the total shares trading in the stock market of a particular company

Blue Chip Stocks: 

blue-chip stocks mean the stock is running in a market in long-term and the fundamentals of the company are very strong and high potential its track record is very good performance those are blue-chip stocks


The brokers are institutional or individual who is registered with the SEBI or Nse/Bse they are the mediators to public and company

Stock Exchanges:

stock exchanges are like a fish market where the buyers and sellers connect to do their transactions there are two main stock exchanges in India Bombay stock exchange and national stock exchange


the portfolio is nothing but has a different kind of stocks we holding the portfolio is grouping all the stocks in holdings


dividend means who are holding a stock for long-term then the company gives some percentage of profit to the shareholder apart of the holders' shares. the company may or may not give a dividend because of their internal issues

Index :

before going to know the index we cant identify each and every share in the stock market because 5500 + companies listed in the stock market so that the index is fixed to identify the market performance in day to day the index is calculated the weightage of the share market the BSE index is top 30 companies in India and the NSE indicates top 50 companies in India

Market Value:

market value means the present value of the share in the market is trading

Book Value:

the book value is when the company enters into the market the stock exchange decided and evaluated the company assets and liabilities and fixed the value per share is known as book value


volatility means the share price of a company how fast moving up and down of a stock prices moves

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