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Friday, May 15, 2020

Top 3 Qualities of Stock Investor Suggested By Vijay Kedia

As we know Vijay Kedia is a well known successful investor in India. According to him the three essential qualities that every investor should possess are Knowledge, Courage and Patience.

One should posses these three qualities namely knowledge, courage and patience in order to success in the stock market.

The three qualities can be explained briefly as follows.

1.      Knowledge

·         The first quality that every person should know before entering the stock market is knowledge.

·         Before and after entering the stock market, you should always aware that you should acquire knowledge

·         Always you should be ready to gain knowledge because the stock market is like a journey of ocean.

·         According to Vijay Kedia, Knowledge is very important to select a particular company or stock.

·         Without knowledge, you can’t choose the right company for investment, which may give multiple returns.

·         As basic principle knowledge is not only important in the stock market, but it is also important in every field.

·         If you are ready to gain knowledge then definitely you can achieve your targets in any field.

·         When it comes to the stock market it is very important to gain knowledge daily.

·         The great investors always read different types of new books for gaining knowledge

·         The god of investor Warren Buffet reads books and different magazines daily.

·         He spends nearly 90% of his day reading and he suggests one should read at least 500 pages per day.

·         There is a famous quote I learned somewhere that "As long as you learn so long you can earn".

·         Here learning and earning are interlinked, so give more priority on learning new things in the stock market.

2.      Courage

·         Out of the three qualities as said by Vikjay Kedia, Courage is the most important factor.

·         Without courage, you cannot able to buy a large quantity of a particular stock or company.

·         When you are not ready to buy a large quantity, you will not enjoy the huge returns when it becomes multi-bagger.

·         Initially you need the courage to enter in the stock market because we know it is a risky business.

·         After entering in the stock market again you need the courage to buy a large quantity of a particular stock.

3.      Patience

·         The last factor of the investor according to Vijay Kedia is Patience. As we know patience is the key to success.

·         When it comes to the stock market, patience only decides whether you are an investor or a trader.

·         But implementing patience in the real world is not that easy as said. You have to practice certain things to improve your patience level.

·         According to him, the minimum time period of stock investing is 5 to 10 years. For this, you need a great level of patience.

·         There is a popular quote in the stock market that is “Stock market is the transferring of money from impatient to the patient”

By implementing the above three factors as qualities the ace investor Vijay Kedia created great wealth for his life. If you follow these tips then you can also create wealth in your life. Our main intention of writing this article is to give knowledge about which we got somewhere. This will be like helping others who are interested in stock investing.

You can Share your valuable comments with us which improves our performance. We always ready to improve ourselves and take your valuable suggestions. Thank you

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